One session: June 16 – June 20, 2014                  


Registration paperwork can be downloaded by clicking here. DO NOT USE THE REGISTRATION BUTTON IN THE DROP-DOWN MENU!

OUR FAX NUMBER IS 512-482-8495

Dear Ranger’s Apprentice Camper,

Congratulations being selected to join this unique Ranger’s Apprentice Camp.

Ranger TrainingOver the week, you’ll be taught the basic skills that all Rangers have to learn – the skills I was taught by Halt in the woods around Castle Redmont. You’ll learn archery, tracking and the art of concealment and unseen movement.

You’ll learn the secrets to putting an arrow exactly where you want it in the target. You’ll learn to blend into the background so that nobody can see you. You’ll learn to look at the ground around you and see what animals have passed by.

And I know you’ll love it! How do I know? Because these were the secrets Halt taught me and even if I was a little doubtful at first (all right, I was a lot doubtful at first!), I realised after a short time that learning these things can be very rewarding and a whole lot of fun into the bargain.

Ranger's TrainingWho knows, you may even find your own personal Halt among the instructors at the camp. I hope you do.

But I also hope you’ll learn other things: important things like loyalty to your friends and companions, like respect for your instructors, like honesty, and perseverance when things seem a little tough. And I hope you’ll learn to follow the Rangers’ Way. Never take advantage of anyone. Stand up for and protect those who are weaker than you are. Speak out for them if necessary, to protect them against bullies or people who try to treat them badly.

The willingness to speak up when you know something is wrong – and not just go along with the crowd – is the measure of true courage. And it’s the mark of a true Ranger. If you learn that, I’ll be happy to welcome you as one of the special group of comrades in the Ranger Corps, along with Halt, Crowley, Gilan and all the others.

Will Treaty.