1. Is Ranger’s Apprentice Camp an overnight camp? What is the age range?

No, Ranger’s Apprentice Camp is a day camp, for apprentice Rangers ages 9-14, operating between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m..

2. Is Ranger’s Apprentice Camp a licensed day camp? What is your license number? What is your Federal I.D. # for Childcare Reimbursement?

Yes we are a licensed day camp with the State of Texas under BookPeople Literary Camps.

Our Camp ID No: 250076 Our Control No: 3595

For Dependent Day Care Expense Accounts, Flex accounts and Cafeteria Plans, this is our Federal I.D. # 742304567

3. What will the camp cost?

$450.00. This cost includes all snacks and drinks (NOT LUNCH). It also includes a camp t-shirt and simple safety training knives.

4. Does your camp serve lunch?

We do not lunch at camp.  The facilities are not able to  accommodate lunches on the scale that would be required. Campers must bring a lunch with them everyday.

5. Are all your camp staff required to have background checks and up-to-date CPR and First Aid training?

Yes, our camp staff are required to have a criminal background check and current CPR and First Aid certifications.

6. My child has food allergies. Can you accommodate that?

It depends on the type of food allergy and the severity. We don’t recommend children with severe peanut allergies, that lead to secondary contact allergies, attend camp without talking to us first. Call Topher Bradfield, at BookPeople, if you have concerns regarding your child’s dietary needs. We’ll make every effort to accommodate your apprentice Ranger.

7. Can we buy an extra camp t-shirt or two?

Yes, you can purchase additional shirts using the order form in the registration packet to avoid the nightly laundry problem.

8. My child and I are coming from out-of-state. Can you help us find a hotel close to the camp site?

Yes, as always, we’re happy to help you find a hotel close to Ranger’s Apprentice Camp. We’ve had kids from New York, California, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico and England attend our literary camps. Please check the Hotel page for reduced rates on hotels. For those with Auto Club memberships, you may find better deals through that organization.

9. Will you have a bus or van from BookPeople to McKinney Falls?

No, we won’t charter a service as it eats up about a third of our operating budget. Instead we will have the carpool list serve, like last year, up for you folks who need it. Stay tuned for more info on this.

If you have any questions not answered in the FAQ section, or you need further clarification please call the Ranger’s Apprentice Camp Director, Topher Bradfield, at 512-472-5050 ext. 103.

Topher’s work email is: kids_outreach@bookpeople.com