2011 Training

How to Thwart a Skandian Invasion

Maelic, former Ranger of Araluen, framed Will Treaty for the theft of very important cultural items from Erak’s Great Hall. Erak, facing political unrest at home (since the signing of the Araluen Treaty) had to act. He sent one message to King Duncan, giving him three months to find Will and return the Treasures or face a Skandian Invasion. He sent another message to the Ranger Corps., pleading with Crowley, Halt and the rest to get to the bottom of the mystery. Erak didn’t believe Will had anything to do with the theft, but his hands were tied – he had to save face. We were charged with getting to the bottom of Maelic’s mischief and unraveling the web of skulduggery and political intrigue Maelic managed to weave. A failed treaty with Skandia could be devastating to Araluen and have ramifications far beyond Araluen’s borders. We trained with Arridi Sword and Knife masters, Battle Masters from the Araluen Battle School, we met and trained with Pictish warrior Sir Malcom McAlpin – former knight of Araluen, Master Tracker Chris of the Ranger Corps shared his expertise of silent/unseen movement, plant identification and and snares. We honed our archery skills and lateral problem solving skills as well, all while dodging Nihon-Ja assassins, a double-crossing Genovasian, Maelic and his evil band of cutthroats that included Cates and Caitlynn the Cannibal. When the Skandian’s Arrived Half-way through the week, we had to shift gears and quickly resolve the whole mess. It was a nightmare, but one we were all up to fixing – we are the King’s Rangers after all.

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